Men’s glasses and face shapes: here’s how to choose

Men's glasses for every face shape: how to choose them

Here we are, at the counter of the optician’s shop: frames of every shape and colour, with wide or narrow lenses, large or barely visible frames. You are truly spoiled for choice and in fact it is not easy to decide, especially when there are not too stringent needs in relation to the type of lens that will then be inserted. How to be guided, then?

Let’s start from the first factor to evaluate: the facial features, the unique and inimitable element on which the glasses will rest. Let’s therefore try to transform an object into a detail that enhances (and perhaps improves) its uniqueness.

Men with round face: what to choose?

In this case, the round shape should be balanced, creating the perception of length on the one hand and greater definition of the contours on the other.

For this purpose, you can choose frames that are as light as possible (therefore with thin elements), rectangular or in any case well squared. This will give a more defined and masculine look.

 Square Male Face Glasses

A boy who has a wide forehead, a pronounced jaw and defined and strong facial lines needs to slightly soften the natural contours to give more harmony to the face.

The choice should therefore fall on rounded lenses, at most oval.

For this reason, the frame must be delicate, with slightly rounded corners but XXL or too square models should certainly be avoided: in the latter case, in fact, the typical strong jaw and spacious forehead would be accentuated even more.

Green light, therefore, for soft and clean lines as much as possible.

Frames for perfect oval faces

The man with the perfect oval is the easiest to choose, since this type of face is the simplest to enhance and has no particular defects to “disguise”.

You can indulge yourself, therefore, although we recommend not to overdo it with models that are too wide or too narrow compared to the width of your face.

To be noticed, geometric or perfectly round shapes could underline the perfect proportion of the face.

Enhance a heart-shaped male face with glasses

Those with a narrow jaw and a wide forehead should aim to create a more harmonious impact by choosing very thin and light models, so as not to draw attention to the top of the head.

It goes without saying that square and large frames should be absolutely excluded as they would have exactly the opposite effect.

Frames for men with H2 rectangular face

A shape of this kind is characterized by having a fairly broad forehead, an elongated chin and clearly visible cheekbones. In this case the priority is to optically eliminate the elongated downward effect: oversized glasses with a well-defined shape do this well. An example? The classic aviator models or the rounded ones.

However, a very small or slim shape which would emphasize the defects is not recommended.

Aesthetics + functionality: the best combination

Beyond the purely aesthetic impact, choosing models based on the shape of the face also helps efficiency, allowing better vision and greater comfort in daily life.

With this concise and essential guide, it will be easier to find the right frame among the proposals currently on the market, regardless of fashion.




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