Glasses sizes: how to choose the perfect size

Glasses sizes

Round or square? Small, narrow, or oversized? Details or classics?

The decision regarding which frame is best suited to our face is certainly one of the most important when we find ourselves in front of a window or an online shop.

Although in the past it often happened to choose glasses without paying particular attention to aesthetics, considering only the functional aspect, currently they have become real fashion accessories capable of emphasizing the look of each person.

But how do you figure out which glasses are best suited to your face?

In the following article we offer you an alternative but extremely effective method to figure out the size of the perfect glasses for you.

Eyewear measurements: what do you need to know?

The different sizes of eyeglasses and sunglasses vary according to the shape, model and sometimes even the brand they belong to.

Specifically, these parameters concern:

  1. the height of the lens: this measurement indicates the vertical height of the lens, i.e. from the base to the top;
  2. the width of the lens: i.e. the caliber, i.e. the horizontal diameter of the lens at its widest point;
  3. the width of the bridge: it is the part of the frame that rests on the nose and joins the two lenses together;
  4. length of the temple: it has the task of keeping the glasses firmly on your face. The standard lengths for the rods are usually 135, 140 or 145 millimeters.

To understand the size of the glasses, the series of numbers that you can find on one of the auctions of the same is of particular importance.

Glasses size

The first value indicates the caliber or the width of the lens.

The second value indicates the width of the bridge, i.e. the distance between the two lenses. This parameter is very important as it defines how the glasses will fit on the nasal septum.

Finally, the third value represents the length of the rods.

Here’s how to measure the perfect eyewear size with a credit or debit card

An alternative but extremely effective method to find your eyewear size is by credit or debit card.

For a correct evaluation we recommend that you perform these steps in numerical order.

  1. Take your credit or debit card (they will be the same size).
  2. Stand in front of the mirror or your phone’s front camera and place your credit card on the bridge of your nose, under your eyebrow.
  3. If the edge of the card extends beyond that of your eye, your size will be S (gauge within 50mm).
  4. If the edge of the paper coincides with the outer edge of your eye, your size will be M (gauge between 51mm and 53mm).
  5. If the edge of the card ends before the outer edge of your eye, your size will be L (over 53mm gauge).

Glasses size

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