Sunglasses and lens color: how many kinds and which ones to choose

Sunglasses and lens color: how many kinds and which ones to choose

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory with which to complete our look but a real protective device; although during the purchase we try to observe above all the design and aesthetics, we must know that the color of the lenses of the sunglasses is not only something glamorous but also linked to technical aspects. What are the most popular colors? What are the differences between technical and classic colors? How to choose the most suitable one? We reveal everything in this article, so that you can buy your new Seeoo sunglasses by finding the perfect product for you.

Black lenses

Black lenses are perhaps the most common and popular of those available. This color counteracts bright light and reduces the brightness of the surroundings; they are perfect for the day when there are no clouds in the sky and the light is too bright for our eyes. On the aesthetic side, they adapt well to any outfit and any occasion, from a day at the beach to a formal look.

Seeoo SunGray lenses

Gray lenses are a stylish and versatile choice. This color helps dim the sunlight without affecting the natural colors of the surroundings. They are recommended for people who often move from one environment to another, because they adapt well to all types of light and we also recommend them for driving, because they reduce brightness without creating a distorted color view.

Brown lenses

The brown lenses offer a warm and snug vibe, making them ideal for spring and autumn. They minimize sunlight, offering a higher level of protection than black lenses and increase contrast and enhance depth perception, making them perfect for days out playing games or sports; we recommend them for driving in variable light situations.

Yellow lenses

Yellow lenses are some of the best for eye protection. This color absorbs blue light, blocking harmful UV rays and enhancing contrast vision in low light conditions; they are perfect for driving in adverse weather conditions, such as fog or rain, and help reduce eye strain in bright environments with high contrast.

Orange lenses

Orange lenses are very similar to yellow lenses, but with even higher UV protection, this color improves color and depth perception, making it ideal for ski sports or mountain activities. We recommend them because they also reduce fatigue, offering a higher level of comfort.

Pink lenses

The pink lenses offer effective protection against sunlight and a trendy look. This color is particularly suitable for women, but can also be used by men. They improve contrast in low light conditions, but are also perfect for driving in bright light.

Green lenses

Green lenses offer a natural perception of color and guarantee superior protection against UV rays and can effectively attenuate sunlight in all situations; they are perfect for outdoor activities.




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