How to choose the right color for your glasses

How to choose the right color for your glasses

While shopping, you carefully choose the items of clothing that fit you best, the color of the scarf or hat, you should also use the same “attention” for eyeglasses. There are those who choose the color based on personal taste and those still in order to enhance the features of their face.

But what should we refer to? The choice should take various aspects into consideration, especially given the numerous color variations that are declined in various patterns. Here is a guide to never lose sight of an effective choice.

Eyeglasses color for blonde hair

Those with hair ranging from blond to reddish should prefer spring-toned eyeglass frames. Delicate nuances that blend perfectly with the soft colors of the hair but also of the complexion. There are many shades to choose from: the color cream, light vanilla but also colors tending towards rosé or salmon. It is a very simple and elegant combination that looks good on everyone. If, on the other hand, you prefer a color that catches the eye, the blue or light blue shades give you a pop touch by marrying perfectly with your hair.

Finally, for those who don’t want to dare with color, the simplest option to focus on is that of an animalier pattern: the classic, light tortoiseshell effect is a passe-partout to choose when indecisive. Seeoo Eyewear offers a wide range of tortoiseshell models which, thanks to the timeless Seeoo lines, represent the right eyewear for every season and personality.

Eyeglasses color for dark hair

If you wear dark hair, you’ll have no trouble finding a frame in the right shade for your complexion. In general, those with dark hair have a light or olive complexion that can be enhanced by different nuances.

First of all black, the black frame is a great classic that never sets, a color that goes with everything and that is always appreciated without hesitation, a choice that is impossible to regret. If, on the other hand, you prefer color, opt for cold and clear tones such as white, suitable for those who do not want to go unnoticed and have an extra light on their face.

Finally, if you want to change, preferring a non-ordinary but original color, there are gray and blue that give your style a vibrant allure. The most particular choice if you have dark hair is to wear twotone glasses, perhaps black and blue, for an unusual style that immediately catches the eye.

A perfect example of what has just been said is the entire Seeoo Eyewear optical collection which offers a variety of two-tone models for both her and him.

Color glasses for green eyes

If you have light eyes, green tending towards blue or gray, you can play with the shade of the glasses to give your look an extra touch and highlight the nuances of your iris. The most chic and refined choice falls on the single-color frame, perhaps gold like the Seeoo Big Metal Gold, to give your look a precious touch.

On the contrary, those who prefer neutral tones will be able to range with all shades of cream up to beige. The real must are the tortoiseshell frames that highlight the color of the eye in a sober and elegant way.

Color glasses for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you are spoiled for choice. Intense but not too showy is burgundy, a choice suitable for the more daring who will know how to combine it with their delicate style. Silver is also excellent, simple and easy to combine with various looks. Thanks to its originality and its color, the Seeoo Naked Silver perfectly represents the color to combine with blue eyes.

If, on the other hand, you want a more extravagant style, choose a frame with a two-tone silhouette: it highlights the most beautiful shade of the iris whether you choose sober or eccentric and slightly extravagant colors such as red or electric blue.




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