Eyeglasses with clip-on sunglasses: the convenience of clip-on lenses

You’ve probably seen people around who with a single gesture, without changing frames, switch from sunglasses to prescription lenses. No, these are not necessarily photochromic lenses, most likely what you saw is a pair of clip-on sunglasses also known as “clip-on lens glasses”.

Perfect for those who don’t want to constantly switch from one frame to another, they are extremely versatile and are ideal for those who want to protect their eyes from the dangerous damage of UV rays. It is an alternative to glasses with photochromic lenses, in this case the solar clips are applied over the frame, transforming it into real sunglasses in just a few seconds.

Eyeglasses with clip-on sunglasses: some curiosities

Known for being a practical and at the same time functional solution, they allow you to save on the purchase and management of a second frame. They are first of all appreciated for their comfort, allowing you to switch from eyeglasses to sunglasses in a quick movement and above all they allow you to maintain your style without taking up too much space.

They have been on the market since the 1940s, the pioneers of the sector were the Americans who put the first clip-on glasses on sale and who over time have been able to conquer the world of eyewear with different types:

  • standard clip-on glasses with application of the lenses on optical frames
  • the versions with magnetic clips
  • the “folding” version, where the lenses are raised and lowered according to need

An example? The Big Metal Small Sun Clips that you can find on our e-commerce: easy to apply to the frame, they have a minimum thickness and are perfect for those looking for practicality and style at the same time.

Clip-on sunglasses: when to choose them and when not

The advantages of choosing clip-on sunglasses are the lightness that makes them perfect to wear with ease and the possibility of protecting your eyes from UV rays easily without sacrificing style; they are sold in many colors and models to be able to adapt to all types of frames.

However, you must know that compared to classic sunglasses they certainly have a greater chance of breaking: they are more fragile and therefore must be treated with care but above all in the long run they could create alignment problems if not maintained with the care they need.

Which filter or effect to choose

What’s important to know is that eyeglass clips are not all the same and it’s not just about aesthetics; on the market you can find, for example, a very trendy mirror effect, but the yellow ones are also excellent for those who want to protect their eyes from UV rays, above all removing reflections. A plus that many underestimate are the clips with blue light filters: these are particularly suitable for those who spend time in front of luminous screens, shielding them from the rays coming from the technology we use every day.





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