Choosing sunglasses? Useful tips and buying guide

Choosing sunglasses? Useful tips and buying guide

Sunglasses are an essential accessory to protect your eyes from UV rays and to improve vision while driving or outdoor activities; choosing the right model considering the wide choice may not be so intuitive, but today we want to provide you with some advice by explaining how the shape of the face can be fundamental. By browsing through the many proposals of our sunglasses on and following this guide, you will undoubtedly find the right frame.

Choose sunglasses based on your face

The first thing to consider when choosing sunglasses is the shape of your face. There are four main types of features: round, long, square and diamond. Each requires a specific type of frame to best enhance the facial features and to create a harmonious balance.

Round face sunglasses

The round face is characterized by soft, curved lines, with a similar width and length. For this type of features, angular and geometric frames are ideal because they create an effect of momentum and elongation of the face. An example? Aviator frames and rectangular shapes are excellent choices, however we recommend avoiding sunglasses with round frames, which can accentuate the shape of the face.

Long face sunglasses

The long face usually has a high forehead and a narrow chin; the wide and enveloping frames are perfect for these features as they balance creating harmony; in this case glasses with round or oval lenses are perfect for breaking up the linearity of the face, instead we advise you to avoid frames that are too narrow and developed vertically.

Square face sunglasses

The square face is characterized by straight, angular lines, with a broad forehead and square chin. Sunglasses with round or oval frames are ideal for softening the hard lines of the face and creating a more harmonious effect, an excellent example are the cat eye glasses, among the most appreciated today; those with this face shape should instead avoid geometric and too angular frames that accentuate the square of the face.

Diamond face sunglasses

The diamond face is characterized by a narrow forehead and thin chin, with prominent cheekbones and angular facial lines; in this case the best choice falls on sunglasses with thick and wide frames that create a balance effect and balance the angular lines of the face. Cat-eye frames and oval shapes are a top choice but avoid thin and narrow frames, which do not adequately enhance the diamond shape of the face.

The extra touch? Color and color scheme

In addition to shape and size, color and color harmony can also influence the choice of the perfect sunglasses. The first step in choosing the right color of sunglasses is to consider your skin tone; if you already know your armochromatic season you are one step ahead and you will already have a palette to draw on otherwise you should start by trying to enhance your undertone which can be warm, cold or neutral.




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