Brief history of sunglasses

You can’t do without your trusty sunglasses: not only does this accessory perform an important task, that of protecting your eyes, but it is a real must have for those who want to add a note of color or contrast to their look. But have you ever wondered: how did sunglasses come about? Who invented them? A recent history, but with roots not exactly close to the present day.

Who invented the first glasses?

We are ready to tell you about the history of sunglasses, but the timeline will surprise you, because we should in no way consider them recent. Of course, today design and style satisfy everyone’s tastes: sporty, glamorous, prestigious sunglasses and much more.

But the first prototype of sunglasses was in fact created by the people of the Arctic between the United States, Greenland, and Canada, namely the Inuit. They created a sort of glasses to protect themselves from the continuous glare of the sun on the snow and ice.

They weren’t today’s glasses: the frames, in fact, were made of wood or… animal bones. Yet, it has not been only the Inuit, throughout history, who have tried to find protection from the sun.

Even Emperor Nero used emerald to enjoy the spectacle of gladiators. The reasons? Green is an absolutely restful color for the eyes, but it must also be said that, if cut in the appropriate way, it could have been a way to improve vision, especially if in the presence of myopia.

How were sunglasses born?

We talked about the first prototypes, but when and how were the sunglasses we know today born? Although they do not have a precise date of birth, considering that there are several testimonies of people who tried to create a similar device, we know that colored sunglasses were born in 1752, thanks to an experiment by James Ayscough.

Then, in the 20th century, due to the spread of syphilis, many doctors decided to prescribe glasses with colored lenses to their patients, especially amber or brown.

How sunglasses have evolved

Later, sunglasses became a real trend: they were not only worn by those suffering from syphilis, but also as an accessory to complete looks. In 1900, the boom in sunglasses was partly due to Hollywood stars, who considered this accessory indispensable to increase the mystery around their figure.

Their goal remained the same: protect your eyes. But, over the decades, trends have transformed our beloved sunglasses, in terms of materials, designs, colors and much more.

From the 1930s style models – the period of the Great Gatsby – up to the thick, square or round frames, we have arrived at modern glasses, such as the Sun collection by Seeoo, which was made with light, precious and foldable metal, putting the quality first.




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