Eyeglasses: trend 2022

Eyeglasses: trend 2022

Eyeglasses today have become real fashionable accessories capable of emphasizing the look of each person.

The trend of wearing them also as an original accessory has led them to become a “must” in the most important world fashion shows

The trends for eyeglasses for autumn and winter 2022 retrace some great classics and pass-through new frames, as expressive elements of a person’s personality, style and identity. The eyeglasses for men / women for this season follow, as happens for clothing, seasonal trends: colors, design trends and fabrics are combined with accessories to always present themselves with a unique style.

Are you about to buy a new optical frame? Then consider the latest 2022 eyewear news and trends, ranging from the most creative to the most innovative, passing from transparent to futuristic frames. Eyeglasses today have become real fashionable accessories capable of emphasizing the look of each person.

 Trend 1: Handmade

Each handmade eyeglasses turns out to be a unique piece without equal. Like any artisanal product, they are destined to last over the years and to survive passing fashions by managing to unite several generations.

Buying handmade eyeglasses is an important way to directly support craftsmanship and to reward talent and passion.

The entire Seeoo Eyewear collection is handmade in Austria with particular care, precision and professionalism. All attentions that have allowed Seeoo eyewear to win the Red Dot Design Award twice, one of the largest and most important design awards in the world.

Trend 2: Exclusivity and Originality

Surely you will have fallen in love with colored frames, with strange shapes and never seen before. The glasses really offer an infinite range of options as you can find alternatives ranging from the more classic models, such as those with rectangular and round shapes, to the more original models.

For those who want to dare the choice of an eclectic eyewear that recalls the retro atmosphere could be the right way.

The demonstration of the originality and exclusivity of eyeglasses is the Seeoo pince-nez, famous all over the world for its elegance, style and iconic presence. The pince-nez today have become a light and indispensable tool for those who love to combine style and necessity.

Eyeglasses: trend 2022

Trend 3: Lightness

Aesthetics and functionality are essential characteristics for eyeglasses but, on the other hand, it is important not to neglect the concept of lightness. Lightness is one of the most sought-after characteristics especially for those who use glasses always or for many hours at a time, but also for those who do a dynamic job or for sportsmen.

The current trend is turning towards comfortable, space-saving and weight-reduced eyeglasses, without neglecting flexibility and resistance.

The MONALEON collection by Seeoo, in partnership with IC Berlin, perfectly embodies the features listed above and the concept of lightness. Complementing the reduced and distinctive shape, these glasses feature a patented screwless spring hinge and the use of extremely light and exceptionally flexible steel.

Trend 4: Tortoise

For about 50 years, tortoiseshell glasses have been among the most loved and best sellers. A real evergreen that can adapt to any age, style, complexion and gender.

Those who choose to wear tortoiseshell eyeglasses emphasize a style that is very attentive to detail, refined and a little nostalgic but at the same time contemporary.

The Seeoo Mattia and Seeoo Carlotta models present a revisited version of the tortoiseshell where the prevailing color is brown, which is accompanied by warm shades reminiscent of the African land.

Trend 5: Round glasses

Another trend of 2022 is that of round glasses, which have become iconic over time. Used conspicuously on the catwalks, they are currently present in the collections of all brands, small and large. They never go out of style and can be combined easily.

They are particularly suitable for those with square faces because they soften hard and angular features. The round-eye shape of the frame particularly suits triangular and diamond faces. The soft lines and shapes of these frames have managed to go beyond the boundaries of fashion, creating unique models for people with a strong personality.

All Seeoo frames have a rounded shape (the so-called Seeoo shape) that gives lightness and simplicity to the glasses and are characterized by their unmistakable iconic shape that guarantees immediate recognition even from a distance.




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